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Name: Ellen Rosenberg
Name of Practice: Mental Health Partners
Address: 529 Coffman St.  Ste.  300, Longmont CO
Phone: 303-245-4432

Does your practice accept private health insurance payment? Consumers are advised to contact their insurer regarding insurance coverage for a specific provider.       


Practice Accepts:  Medicaid, CHP+ and many other private insurances

Do you have a sliding scale for patients with limited resources ?  Yes


Please estimate the number of clients you have worked with in each of the following categories:

Trans* Children–  0

Trans* Youth–  20

Genderqueer and  Gender Non-Conforming–  15

Trans Women–  10

Trans Men–  10

Trans* Elders–  2


Do you specialize in particular health issues (e.g. gender identity,trauma related depression and anxiety disorders,  autism spectrum disorders, etc.)?

Teens and adults with trauma histories, depression, anxiety, gender identity issues, attachment disorders, PTSD, major and persistent mental illness.


Please describe your level of experience (e.g. years,  training, etc.) in working with Trans* and Gender non-conforming clients?

All in the past ten years. I have been to many trainings/in-services/conferences, but I learn from my clients how best to be supportive.


Please describe your treatment approach (e.g., cognitive behavioral, experiential , body-centered, DBT, etc.).

Many evidence based practices: CBT, DDP, CBT, MI, SFBT, EMDR.  I do individual, group, and family therapies and a lot of case management/collateral with supporting agencies and schools.


Do you provide single case assessments (for individuals not seeking ongoing psychotherapy)  and, as appropriate, letters of eligibility for hormone therapy and gender related surgeries?

No single case assessments.  I have written many letters of eligibility for ongoing therapy clients and a few second referral letters for other MHP clients.


How do you assess readiness for Hormone Therapy and or Surgery?

Ongoing work in therapy, clinical interviews, collateral contacts per WPATH standards.


Does a coexisting mental condition preclude providing the client with a letter?



Does your practice have inclusive paperwork (e.g., list more than male and female gender options, allow a place for preferred name, etc.)?

Paper files that are inclusive?-  YES

Electronic Health records that are inclusive?–  YES


If you have any concerns about the level of intake staff that could create an uncomfortable situation for Trans* clients, is there someone the patient can contact to assist?


Magnolia Silk

317 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 5, Louisville, CO