Emily A. Kerr, PsyD

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Name: Emily A. Kerr
Name of Practice: EK Counseling
Address: 1006 Depot Hill Road, Suite C Broomfield, CO 80020 | 2150 W. 29th Ave., Suite 330 Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 720-571-1130
Mental Health Degree/Licensure/Certification: PsyD

Does your practice accept private health insurance payment ? Consumers are advised to contact their insurer regarding insurance coverage for a specific provider.

Do you have a sliding scale for patients with limited resources ?

Please estimate the number of clients you have worked with in each of the following categories: 
Trans Children: 3
Trans Youth: 15
Genderqueer and Gender Non-Conforming: 20
Trans Women: 35
Trans Men: 20
Trans Elders: 12

Do you specialize in particular health issues (e.g. gender identity, trauma related depression and anxiety disorders,  autism spectrum disorders, etc. )?
I specialize in gender identity, sexuality, disordered eating and body shame, anxiety, and building self-esteem.

Please describe your level of experience (e.g. years,  training, etc. ) in working with Trans and Gender non-conforming  clients?
Eight years of working with trans* and gender creative clients in group, individual, family, and couples modalities throughout graduate school, internship, postdoctoral training, and several years in private practice

Please describe your treatment approach ( e.g., cognitive behavioral, experiential , body-centered, DBT, etc. ).
ACT and DBT (primarily third wave behavioral). I focus on identifying values with clients and encouraging them to move towards these values even when it may be painful to do so

Do you provide single case assessments ( for individuals not seeking ongoing psychotherapy )  and, as appropriate, letters of eligibility for hormone therapy and gender related surgeries ?

On average, how many sessions or hours of assessment do you require to assess eligibility for:

Hormone Therapy: 
Chest Surgery: 2-3
Genital Surgery, if primary letter writer: 3-4
Genital Surgery, if secondary letter writer (when 1st letter is written by client’s primary/ ongoing psychotherapist): 2

How do you assess readiness for Hormone Therapy and or Surgery:

Clinical Interview: Yes
Collateral Contacts: Yes
Psychological Testing: No
Written Questionnaire: No

If there have been cases in which you have determined that a client does not meet eligibility requirements  for hormone therapy or gender surgery,  what are the criteria under which you have denied a request for a letter ( or cases in which you anticipate that you would deny a request for a letter)?
Due to comorbid identity struggles and a feeling that the client was using gender identity as something to cling to in order to form some identity. Have also denied for extreme substance/neurological impairments.

Does a coexisting mental condition preclude providing the client with a letter?

Does your practice have inclusive paperwork (e.g., list more than male and female gender options, allow a place for preferred name, etc.)?

Paper files that are inclusive? 

Electronic Health records that are inclusive ? Yes.

Does your practice have a system for recording preferred name and pronoun of patients and communicating that to staff, especially scheduling/appointment and reception staff ?

Does your practice have all-gender or gender-neutral restrooms?

Do you have anything in your physical environment that would be welcoming to a Trans person ( i.e. brochures, pamphlets, magazines, pictures that relate to Trans people and or Trans issues?

Does your practice have an inclusive non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation?
Yes. Inclusive in the paperwork.

Do you have a way of protecting the confidentiality of a patients Trans status?

Have you or your staff attended training or had other education on providing services to Trans patients:

Person responding to survey: Yes.
Other Clinical Staff: N/A
Scheduling/ Appointment Staff: N/A
Reception/Front Office Staff: N/A

Please describe the training noted above, if applicable.
Have provided and trained other staff at CU CAPS in trans* client care as well as attended WPATH and several other conferences focusing on mental health care with trans* clients

If you have any concerns about the level of intake staff that could create an uncomfortable situation for Trans clients?  Is there someone the patient can contact to assist?