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Does your practice accept private health insurance payment? Consumers are advised to contact their insurer regarding insurance coverage for a specific provider.


Practice Accepts: FREE service for all CU Boulder students, staff, faculty, and their significant others


Do you have a sliding scale for patients with limited resources? No


Please estimate the number of clients you have worked with in each of the following categories:

Trans* Children– 0

Trans* Youth- 1

Genderqueer and  Gender Non-Conforming– 5-10

Trans Women– 5

Trans Men– 5

Trans* Elders– 0


Do you specialize in particular health issues (e.g. gender identity, trauma related depression and anxiety disorders,  autism spectrum disorders, etc.)?

Yes. Trauma, crime, grief and loss, sexual assault, intimate partner abuse, stalking, discrimination, harassment, bias motivated incidents, natural disasters, accidents, assaults, and other.


Please describe your level of experience (e.g. years,  training, etc. ) in working with Trans* and Gender non-conforming  clients

On average, each clinician has 2-4 years of training and experience working with trans* clients and some have more. All staff have been trained through CAVP and FORGE. All staff participate on the Boulder County Transgender Survivor Task Force. We also have members who participate in the Boulder County Allies for Inclusion, Boulder County Transgender Health task force, and the GLBT Chancellors advisory committee at CU Boulder.


Please describe your treatment approach ( e.g., cognitive behavioral, experiential , body-centered, DBT, etc.).

We all provide short term counseling using a variety of approaches including but not limited to mindfulness, CBT, client centered, and DBT. Ruchi Malhotra is trained in brainspotting and Sarah Williams is trained in EMDR. All staff provide unlimited advocacy. Advocacy can include but is not limited to informing clients of rights and reporting options, medical options, safety planning, and resourcing.


Do you provide single case assessments ( for individuals not seeking ongoing psychotherapy )  and, as appropriate , letters of eligibility for hormone therapy and gender related surgeries?

No. We do not diagnose, prescribe medication, or write letters for hormone therapy or surgery. However, we have a referral list which includes specific transgender competent therapists who provide letters.


Does your practice have inclusive paperwork (e.g., list more than male and female gender options, allow a place for preferred name, etc.)?

Paper files that are inclusive? – yes

Electronic Health records that are inclusive? – yes


Does your practice have a system for recording preferred name and pronoun of patients and communicating that to staff, especially scheduling/appointment and reception staff? – yes


Does your practice have all-gender or gender-neutral restrooms?– yes


Do you have anything in your physical environment that would be welcoming to a Trans* person ( i.e. brochures, pamphlets, magazines, pictures that relate to Trans* people and or Trans* issues? – yes


Does your practice have an inclusive non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation?

Yes. The University of Colorado Boulder has a non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity and gender expression. OVA has created its own additional non-discrimination statement that is listed on our website and all brochures.


Do you have a way of protecting the confidentiality of a patients Trans* status?

Yes. We are a confidential office covered under psychotherapy privilege in Colorado. The way our database is set up we are able to use language in documentation that the client prefers.


Have you or your staff attended training or had other education on providing services to Trans* patients apply?

Person responding to survey – yes

Other Clinical Staff- yes

Scheduling/ Appointment Staff- yes

Reception/Front Office Staff– yes

Please describe the training noted above, if applicable:

Training through CAVP, FORGE, SPAN, OutBoulder, One Colorado, Gold Rush, TRANSforming Gender Symposium. OVA provides the following training: Decreasing Gaps and Barriers for Trans* Survivors: Creating a Trans* Inclusive Space. Presented to SANE nurses and at multiple conferences. Front desk staff has had training through Visions.


If you have any concerns about the level of intake staff that could create an uncomfortable situation for Trans* clients ? Is there someone the patient can contact to assist?

Clinical staff provides intakes.