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Name: Kellee Trautmann
Name of Practice: Wild Transformations
Address: 229 Terry Street, Longmont
Phone: 720-263-2673
Mental Health Degree/Licensure/Certification: Masters in Multicultural Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA, LPCC, LAC Candidate

Does your practice accept private health insurance payment? Consumers are advised to contact their insurer regarding insurance coverage for a specific provider.

What types of public insurance do you accept, if any?

Please explain insurance limitations, if any.
While I’m not currently paneled with any insurance companies I can provide my clients with superbills to then provide to their insurance provider.

Do you have a sliding scale for patients with limited resources?

Please estimate the number of clients you have worked with in each of the following categories:
Trans Children: 0
Trans Youth: 5
Genderqueer and Gender Non-Conforming: 30
Trans Women: 0
Trans Men: 25
Trans Elders: 25

Do you specialize in particular health issues (e.g. gender identity, trauma related depression and anxiety disorders, autism spectrum, etc.)?
Yes. I specialize in serving the trans community on gender identity, questioning, coming out, and mental health concerns including anxiety, addiction, OCD, trauma, and depression to name just a few. I also love working with individuals, couples, and LGBTQ families who are interested in adopting a child! I have 10+ years experience in mental health and wellness and a huge passion for warmly guiding people through grief and loss that inevitably comes with any change, positive and negative. It’s important to me to help celebrate your identity!

Please describe your level of experience (e.g. years, training, etc.) in working with Trans and Gender non-conforming clients.
I have always had a bleeding heart for working with people and communities that have been marginalized and treated as less-than by society, knowing that difference is to be CELEBRATED! This passion led me to pursue a degree in Multicultural Clinical Mental Health Counseling which guided me how to coach others to have courageous conversations about power, privilege, and oppression. After years of volunteering at a GLBT Center, I have counseling many non-binary clients, supporting them through how to respond to non-affirming family members, dating, and other transitions that come with being trans. Working with non-binary people is among my favorite because of the courage, bravery, and authenticity they inspire by example!

Please describe your treatment approach (e.g. cognitive behavioral, experiential, body-centered, DBT, etc.).
DBT, CBT, Experiential (here-and-now approach), and Narrative best describe my approach to treatment. I’m a strong believer that how we story the events of our lives impact how we think about them which further impacts how we respond to ourselves and others. I have a warm, yet directive style where I provide feedback and try to illuminate your core values as a guiding foundation from which you can make decisions that are most in line with your goals for your life. My clients and I pay special attention to the aspects of their lives that make them feel the most powerful! A safe space is offered to speak truth to ways in which your power has been taken or given away, leading you back to how you want to use your voice and power.

Do you provide single case assessments (for individuals not seeking ongoing psychotherapy) and, as appropriate, letters of eligibility for hormone therapy and gender related surgeries?
No. I require up to 5 sessions (usually 3) on a case-by-case basis to write letters of eligibility for hormone therapy and gender-related surgeries in order to adequately advocate on your behalf and articulate a strong rationale that you are ready. In my experience, people are more than ready but I like to use information from 3 sessions to convince the powers-that-be of this!

On average, how many sessions or hours of assessment do you require to assess eligibility for:
Hormone Therapy: 5
Chest Surgery: 5
Genital Surgery, if primary letter writer: 5
Genital Surgery, if secondary letter writer (when 1st letter writer is written by client’s primary/ongoing psychotherapist): 2

How do you assess readiness for Hormone Therapy and/or Surgery?
Clinical interview, Collateral contacts, Written questionnaire

If there have been cases in which you have determined that a client does not meet eligibility requirements for hormone therapy or gender surgery, what are the criteria under which you have denied a request for a letter (or cases in which you anticipate that you would deny a request for a letter)?
I would deny a request for a letter if the person is experiencing significant levels of doubt or if I feel the transition would decrease instead of enhance their mental health and emotional wellness. That said, I view it as an ongoing conversation to discuss any barriers or doubts the person is experiencing to assist them in resolving these.

Does a coexisting mental condition preclude providing the client with a letter?
No. In my experience mental health conditions often arise in the trans community because of external circumstances posed by society and relational or physical violence from non-affirming family members, employers, and others, so a mental health condition in itself absolutely does not mean I will not provide a letter. Nor do I require there to be a mental health condition to provide a letter. I’m here to make transitioning easier!

Does your practice have inclusive paperwork (e.g. list more than male and female gender options, allow a place for preferred name, etc.)?
Paper files that are inclusive: Yes
Electronic health records that are inclusive: Yes

Does your practice have a system for recording preferred name and pronoun of patients and communicating that to staff, especially scheduling/appointment staff and reception staff?

Does your practice have all-gender or gender-neutral restrooms?

Do you have anything in your physical environment that would be welcoming to a Trans person, such as brochures, pamphlets, magazines, pictures that relate to Trans people and/or Trans issues?

Does your practice have an inclusive non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation?
Yes. I am the only therapist/staff member in my private practice, so this is inherent.

Do you have a way of protecting the confidentiality of a patient’s Trans status?
Yes. With exception to my clinical supervisor with whom I consult cases on an as-needed basis, I am the only one who has access to client records and trans status on the electronic health record system.

Have you or your staff attended training or had other education on providing services to Trans patients?
Person responding to survey: Yes
Other Clinical Staff: No
Scheduling/Appointment Staff: Yes
Reception/Front Office Staff: No

Please describe the training noted above, if applicable.
I consistently prize spending time among the trans and LGBTQ community in order to stay abreast of systemic changes as they occur and strive to remain an active advocate out in the community. I receive consultation on how to best serve trans folks so they have less hoops to jump, in addition to having worked at the front desk of The GLBT Center in Denver. I also completed a course called The LGBTQ-Affirming Therapist to learn about additional available resources. My Masters focused on social justice and systemic oppression.

Do you have any concerns about the experience level of intake staff that could create an uncomfortable situation for trans clients? If so, is there someone the patient could contact to assist?
Yes. I am the only therapist/staff member in my practice and therefore I’m the one who completes the intakes and I strive to make it a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment. I always welcome my clients to provide me with feedback, positive or negative. However, if you were uncomfortable bringing it up with me, I always provide contact information to my clinical supervisor in the community.