Cristina Michaels

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Colorado Art of Acupuncture, LLC


Acupuncture Transgender Specialist




Cristina has over 20 years of clinical care experience. First as a successful massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massage, acupressure, pre-post natal massage and care, triathlete event management and care, to active isolated stretching. Cristina is familiar with wounded veterans issues and care for those individuals.

What types of private insurance do you accept?

Cigna, United HC

What types of public insurance do you accept?


Do you have a sliding scale for patients with limited resources?


Please estimate the number of clients you have worked with in each of the following categories:

Trans Youth: 6 to 10

Trans Seniors: 21 to 30

Trans Women: 21 to 30

Trans Men: More than 30

Gender Non-Conforming: 21 to 30

Do you specialize in particular health issues (e.g. gender dysphoria)?

Psycho-emotional balancing, post surgical scar, gender dysphoria

How do you assess readiness for hormone therapy and/or surgery(e.g. informed consent)?

Outside of my scope of practice

Do you provide letters of recommendation for:

Hormone replacement therapy? No

Chest/top surgery? Yes

Other transition related surgeries? Yes

Have there been cases in which you determined that a client does not meet the eligibility requirements for hormone therapy or gender surgery?


What languages do you offer services in?


Does your practice have inclusive paperwork (e.g. list more than male and female gender options)?


Does your practice have an all gender or gender neutral restroom?


Do you have anything in your physical environment that would be welcoming to a trans person (e.g. LGBTQ+ inclusive signage)?


Does your practice’s non-discrimination policy include gender identity and expression?


Do you have a way of protecting the confidentiality of a patient’s trans status?


Does your practice have a process to make sure that clients are only called by their chosen names (rather than legal names) and self-identified pronouns?


Have you or your staff attended training or had other education on providing services to trans patients?


Please describe the training noted above and which staff members attended

OBC training, facilitation of gender support group

Do you have any concerns about the experience level of staff that could create an uncomfortable situation for trans clients?

Staff: No

Other Clinical Staff: No

Scheduling Staff: No

Front Desk Staff: No

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